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Our Mission

Let's Face Facts

The world is not the same place that it was a few years ago. Technology dominates society and artificial interactions sometimes exceed physical friendships. As a result, confidence and social skills are heavily demanded. Now more than ever, Arizona's youth need a way to make friendships and to develop confidence and social skills that will serve them in their adolescent years and beyond.


The DeMolay Squires program in Arizona prides itself on promoting the development of social skills and confidence in an environment that focuses on family and friendship. We open opportunities for our members to gain confidence in a safe and secure environment, empowering them to grow as individuals so that they can be prepared to become the leaders of tomorrow!


The best part....our members have tons of role models to look up to with the responsible leaders in training that are a part of the DeMolay in Arizona program. 

Let's Face Facts


your Son's Role Models!


The DeMolay Squires program is the first step in an incredible journey for your son! The journey can begin as early as 9 years old with the Squires program that promotes confidence and social skills all the way up until a member's 12th birthday! At that point, the member is eligible to join DeMolay in Arizona, a program that stretches from 12 years old until a member's 21st birthday. Focusing on leadership development, community service, and continued friendships, the DeMolay in Arizona program perfectly compliments the lessons of Squires and helps to create a well-rounded son who leads at home, in school, and in the community.

The best part, over 90% of all Squires move on to participate in the DeMolay in Arizona program, and the older DeMolay members interact on a regular basis with the Squires members, reinforcing the concepts and providing role models that our members can aspire to be. 

What We Do


Safety first, Always

You care about your son, and so do we.


EVERYONE that interacts with our members has been through a rigorous safety course and National Background Check to ensure that those who work with our youth are the best possible. There is repeated training every year to ensure that we are up-to-date on our knowledge of safety.


The best part: 90% of all of our Advisors are parents of our membership! One of our morals is family, and we build a learning culture together. Don't just watch your son grow...experience it together.

Safety First



You've Got Questions

We've got answers! By now you have questions that you need answers to, and we have personable staff members that want to hear from you. We will connect you with any resources that you need, and then we can get your son started on his DeMolay journey with you.

Let us answer your questions

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Thank you for submitting a request for information. Within the next week, one of our personable staff members will reach out to discuss further how the DeMolay Squires program can help your son!

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